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We are based in Chicago and in the Caribbean.

GRM Video offers exceptional quality and experience
with worldwide video production in studios and at locations
on land and under the sea.

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GRM Video has some job openings.

1. Female between age 16 and 26 for on-camera reporting position. Work in Chicago area studio. No travel. Extensive training for work with teleprompter provided. Preselection process with final candidates determined from applicant resumes. Preselected candidates under the age of 18 will require parent or guardian participation during interviews (to be conducted in a dinner or early evening setting in order to accomodate possible parent/guardian scheduling limitations). Participating GRM personnel include Segment Producer, Director, Writer and Executive Producer. This position will require SAG-AFTRA union membership and will include complex residual wage payments and other benefits/limitations. Please note that this production unit is an all female activity. Click here for more information.

2. Contract Manager for Eastern European satellite services. Individual works with Triest, Italy based vendor that provides us with satellite backhaul services. This Chicago based supervisory level position arranges for point to point microwave signal transmission from locations bordering the Eastern Adriatic and Dinaric Alps region. Technical knowledge of satellite operations is not necessary. Cultural familiarity with the region is important. We would prefer candidates with knowledge of at least one of the local languages (as well as familiarity with common local business practices). Click here for more information and deadline.

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